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Post-MMA: Movies & Monsters

After announcing his retirement in December 2022, Brandon Vera signed a 10-movie acting deal with a production company in the Philippines. Brandon had already begun his acting career even while he was fighting the toughest men in the world on the brightest stage.  In 2018, the lights became even brighter when Brandon co-starred with the very beautiful Anne Curtis in the Philippine action-thriller “BuyBust.”
Brandon trained Filipino actor Richard Gutierrez in martial arts and earned a role as an assassin in the Philippine primetime television show, “Kamandag” on the GMA Network.
And now, on Amazon Prime and Apple TV, Brandon is the star of the new zombie thriller “Day Zero,” which has already garnered an international audience and is now available in America.
Brandon’s rugged good looks, superior physique and acting chops will keep him on the big screen and on feature films on Netflix and Amazon Prime for several decades.